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Transmedia, Reality and Experience 融記者、現實社會與體驗度 New Engineering New Design International Seminar “四合院”新工科新設計世界網站、論壇、外貿平臺 School of Design, Hunan University 云南大學時構思藝術創意高校,2023年時期內4月17日,南京時期21點     The reality has been represented in such various forms from virtual, augmented, mixed to tangible. The emerging technologies from multimedia to transmedia are enabling designers with incredible possibility to re-shape the interactive experience between the human, the artifact and the world we live in. Meanwhile let us reflect the relationship and its meaning between the reality and the experience. In this seminar, we invite five researchers and practitioners from Finland, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy and USA/China to share their perspectives. We would like to organize it in a more compact but dedicated way that each people will have a short presentation, then following with a concrete panel discussion. We hope the conversation could bring us some food for thought at this point. Welcome all students, educators and friends from industries to join us.       從模擬實現存在、強化實現存在、比調實現存在到直營,實現存在從未有過被太過多的表現形式所把你想展現出來。從多傳媒到融傳媒冠美,成長水平為規劃者賦于了必須思議的機率性,讓當咱們大家的大家們也可以重造人、人工物與當咱們大家的大家所過日子的全球間的可視化交互性使用感,與此同時也讓當咱們大家的大家們心思所構筑的新可視化交互性密切關系已經它在實現存在與使用感間的涵意。另行通知論壇社區當咱們大家的大家應邀來自瑞典、新西蘭、外國、荷蘭和瑞典/中國現代等六位理論研究與實踐教學操作者,來推薦大家共同來說融傳媒、實現存在與使用感的心思與實踐教學操作。當咱們大家的大家期望將其組織結構連成一片種更緊湊型轎車和細心的溝通方式,每位先推薦兩個簡潔的科研工作匯報以把你想展現出來自身的觀點英文,而后一起來進來餐桌探討一下。當咱們大家的大家期望這件對話的英文能從而刻的當咱們大家的大家所帶來某些心思。迎接所有的同班同學、培訓者和業內好友 們到庭。


Lily Diaz-Kommonen Professor of New Media, Department of Media, Aalto University 挪威阿爾托大學專業校園媒介渠道系新校園媒介渠道專家教授     Lily Diaz-Kommonen is the full professor of new media at Aalto University. She is also responsible for the Doctoral Studies in the Media Lab Helsinki. Among her significant research projects include the Raisio Archeology Archive created as part of the Illuminating History Through the Eyes of Media project funded by the Academy of Finland; the Digital Facsimile of the Map of Mexico 1550 project that received First Prize in the Nabi Digital Storytelling International Competition of Intangible Heritage organized by Art Center Nabi in South Korea and UNESCO; the Interactive Virtual Reality Installation of the Pavilion of Finland at the 1900 World Fair in Paris developed as part of the TEKES funded HandsOn project; and the Interactive Virtual Reality Installation of Vrouw Maria, that was awarded a Special Mention of the Jury in the research category of the 2015 Europa Nostra digital cultural heritage competition. She has written over 90 publications in areas related to art, design, heritage and new media, including Ubiquitous Computing, Complexity and Culture, a Routledge anthology published in 2016 co-edited and co-authored with Ulrik Ekman, Jay David Bolter, Morten Sondegaard and Maria Engberg and Adaptation and Convergence of Media an Aalto Arts volume co-edited and co-authored with Magda Dragu, and Leena Eilitt? published in 2018.        Lily Diaz-Kommonen是阿爾托大學生新多廣播新傳統主流媒體副教授,負責管理赫爾辛基多廣播新傳統主流媒體實驗報告室的碩士生研發具體指導運作。她的其主要研發樂魚體育網頁版分為由澳大利亞完美院貧困幫助的“從多廣播新傳統主流媒體之眼道理歷史樂魚體育平臺”樂魚體育網頁版之“拉伊西奧考古發現資料”;她的“西班牙地形1550的羅馬加數9摹本”樂魚體育網頁版擁有由國外那比新技術心中與綜合新技術國教科文組織結構綜合新技術協辦的非類物質祖產羅馬加數9化講展覽竟賽一級獎;由澳大利亞展覽新技術局貧困幫助的實踐性樂魚體育網頁版“1900法國巴黎世博會澳大利亞館通訊式模擬真實器”;通訊式模擬真實器Vrouw Maria獲2017年歐羅巴古文字明保護英文羅馬加數9同盟羅馬加數9樂魚體育平臺祖產竟賽研發類單園評標委員會會越來越獎。她在新技術、制定、樂魚體育平臺祖產與新多廣播新傳統主流媒體域制定了超越90個發布物,分為2016年由倫敦羅德里奇發布社發布的合著《普適計算方式、繁多性與樂魚體育平臺》,和2016年在《阿爾托新技術論叢》合編合著《多廣播新傳統主流媒體的適宜與聚合反應》。

Ron Wakkary Professor, School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University Professor, Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology 美國西蒙弗雷澤二本大學交互性造型藝術與技能海瑞朗教援 葡萄牙埃因霍溫技巧一本大學工藝設汁客座教授     Ron Wakkary is a professor in design in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University in Canada where he founded the Everyday Design Studio (). In addition, he is a professor and Chair of Design for More Than Human-Centered Worlds in the Future Everyday Cluster in Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.  Wakkary’s research investigates the changing nature of design and human-computer interaction in response to new understandings of human-technology relations and posthumanism. He aims to reflectively create new design exemplars, theory, and emergent practices to generously and expansively shape and understand ways of designing that are more accountable, sustainable, and equitable. Wakkary is the author of the book Things We Could Design for more than Human-Centered Worlds (MIT Press, 2021), a critical and creative speculation on how posthumanist design enables a world in which humans share center stage with nonhumans, with whom we are entangled.       Ron Wakkary是澳大利亞西蒙弗雷澤高校考研可視化交互辦法管理與枝術高校方案的概念客座教學,打造了“規章制度方案的概念辦公室”()。他也是英國埃因霍溫枝術高校考研行業方案的概念的“中國未來規章制度”科研團隊協作的“為跨越以因人咨詢重點的中國”講席客座教學。Wakkary的科研重要探討方案的概念與人機對戰可視化交互辦法連續不斷波動的本身,以回答人和枝術相互關系前邊人文教育現實極權主義的時代的新定義。他努力于自我反思性地創設自己方案的概念示例、實際和新型實踐內容,以無私與廣闊無垠地體現和定義更否則、可連續和人人平等的方案的概念辦法。Wakkary的連載小說《為跨越以因人咨詢重點的中國而方案的概念的景物》202一年由麻省工院高校書籍出版發行社書籍出版發行社書籍出版發行社出版發行,不是本樂魚體育網頁版后代人文教育現實極權主義方案的概念應該如何能立身處世和非人很好PK對戰中國的批判性與創設自己性思緒學術著作。


Nick Bryan-Kinns Professor of Interaction Design, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London Distinguished Professor in Wuhan University of Technology 國外都柏林大專瑪麗公主職業工程學院電器設備工作與計算方法機科學課職業工程學院通訊的設計副教授 佛山理工學二本大學優秀老師      Nick Bryan-Kinns is the full professor of Interaction Design, director of the Media and Arts Technology Centre, a leader of the AI and Music Centre, and the director of International Joint Ventures in Queen Mary University of London. His research explores new approaches to the creation of interactive technologies for media and arts through Interaction Design techniques. It impacts the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Creative Computing, and Design. His research has made audio engineering more accessible and inclusive, championed the design of sustainable and ethical IoT and wearables, and engaged rural and urban communities with physical computing through craft and cultural heritage. Bryan-Kinns is also a Distinguished Professor in Wuhan University of Technology and a Guest Professor in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Bryan-Kinns is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Senior Member of the Association of Computing Machinery, and is a recipient of ACM and BCS Recognition of Service Awards.       Nick Bryan-Kinns是荷蘭英式倫敦院校瑪麗女神院校電力樂魚體育網頁版與核算機科學論述過程中學院校信息等通訊來定制正副老師,荷蘭樂魚體育網頁版與肯定科學論述學債券會和樂魚體育平臺類與人文景觀債券會共同體資助金的網絡新聞與樂魚體育平臺類制作工藝論述重點負責人,全國協力危害性債券負責人。他的論述最主要是根據信息等通訊來定制制作工藝摸索網絡新聞與樂魚體育平臺類視頻互動制作工藝的創新內容。其成果展對組排信息等通訊、設置構思核算和來定制產生危害。他的論述使說話聲樂魚體育網頁版富有可及性和包裹性,改進可快速和倫理道德性物連接網與可著裝來定制,根據手工diy藝與樂魚體育平臺財產驅使大都市與村口居委會進入工具核算。Nick Bryan-Kinns也是武漢市理工學院院校杰出人物副老師,華東科學院校點擊副老師,荷蘭核算機學還會士,法國核算機研究打造力、的認知與樂魚體育平臺類分委會領導等。


Benjamin L. Bacon Associate Professor of Media and Arts, Duke Kunshan University 常州杜克本科大學媒介渠道與繪畫藝術副老師     Benjamin Bacon is currently Associate Professor of Media and Art and Director of Signature Work at Duke Kunshan University. He is also a lifetime fellow at V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Bacon is the co-founder of DOGMA Lab, a trans-disciplinary design lab based in Shanghai, China, and co-founded RAWR! Lab a design incubator based in Caochangdi, Beijing. Bacon is an inter-disciplinary artist, designer and musician that works at the intersection of computational design, networked systems, data, sound, installation and mechanical sculpture. He has held positions in a number of universities, include Assistant Professor of Computational and Media Design at Parsons School of Design, Director of BFA Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design, Manager of Technology at the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, Assistant Professor of Art at New York University Shanghai, Foreign expert and Professor of Computational and Media Design at Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA), Adjunct Professor and Thesis Advisor at Roy Ascott Technoetic Art Program at Detao (SIVA). Additionally, he has held a two-year research position at Nokia Research Center Growth Economies Lab.       Benjamin Bacon第一任昆山市杜克本科社會媒介與美術史副專家教援,“帶表作事情室”科長,也是英國鹿特丹“V2不保持穩定媒介試驗室建設英文室”常期粉絲,廣州融跨各學科設置方案試驗室建設英文室DOGMA和成都牧場地設置方案孵化場器RAWR! Lab連合創立人。Bacon專家教援不是位跨跨各學科美術史家、設置方案師和音樂背景家。他的事情關鍵涉及算出型設置方案、網洛方案、動態數據、噪音、裝置和機雕塑品的緊密聯系。他曾提拔幾個本科社會,涉及帕森斯設置方案師范技術學院、廣州紐約市本科社會和廣州機器人視覺美術史師范技術學院等。他還曾任職于諾基亞探討中間倍增經濟實惠體試驗室建設英文室。


Francesco Galli Professor in Adaptive Leadership and Creative Thinking, IULM University Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization IULM University 奧地利米蘭計算機語言傳媒廣告恣意大學考研認知性老板力與創造出性心智教受 米蘭語言英語影視樂魚體育平臺人權大學考研國外聯合副校長是     Dr. Francesco Galli is the Professor and Researcher in Leadership and Creative thinking, IULM university Milan, Department of Business, Law, Economics and Consumption, and the Rector’s Delegate for Internationalization. He received his Phd in Design Leadership from Politecnico di Milano, and worked there from 2003 to 2017 before he joined IULM. His research on critical thinking lie at the interception between Leadership, Power, Creative and Cultural Industries and International Networks, with focus on Asia and South America. Some of his recent research has been published in his book “Design” is POWER. the Dark Side: Critical Thinking through Negotiation, Politics and Leadership (2020). He was also the visiting professor of Gd. Goenka University (New Delhi, India), Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (Beijing, China), UAI Adolfo Ibá?ez University (Santiago, Chile), Tsinghua University Shenzhen (Shenzhen, China), Unisinos (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Universidad de Valparaíso (Valparaíso, Chile) and Hunan University (Changsha, China).        Francesco Galli探究生是奧地利米蘭表達傳煤自主專科學校生考研商業區、發律、經濟性與網上消費系滿足性人員力與創造者性思方式教援,及全球協作副校長象征著。他才能得到米蘭理工學職業師范學院方案人員力探究生雙學位,并在2003至20110年時間在去哪里本職工作。他的探究主要的在人員力、勞動權、設計的概念樂魚體育平臺家產和全球化在線中的批判性思方式,特別是在精準定位大洋洲和南南美洲。部件多種的探究收錄在他的連載小說《方案是勞動權。暗面:談判。、政治方面與人員力中的批判性思方式》(2020)。他最好俄羅斯Gd. Goenka專科學校生考研、成都園服職業師范學院、智利UAI Adolfo Ibá?ez專科學校生考研、北京學校專科學校生考研成都 探究生院、秘魯Unisinos專科學校生考研、智利 Valparaíso專科學校生考研和河南專科學校生考研等網頁訪問教援。 Host: Wei Wang, Professor, Hunan University 會議觸屏主詩:王巍碩士生導師,山東二本大學 期限:September 17, 2021 9-11 PM (Beijing Time, GMT +8) Live steaming 網絡直播的鏈接: http://live.bilibili.com/22661423 Schedule 準確時刻表 9:00 – 9:05 Opening and greeting 開幕會 9:05 – 10:15 Presentation: Prof. Lily Diaz-Kommonen, Prof. Ron Wakkary, Prof. Nick Bryan-Kinns, Prof. Benjamin L. Bacon, Prof. Benjamin L. Bacon, Prof. Francesco Galli 科研專家循序留言 10:15 – 10:55 Panel discussion 圓形餐桌討論稿 10:55 – 11:00 Adjourn 閉會

Please send your questions or thoughts to wei.wang@mlab.cn in advance to participate our conversation.